167 beanies 

Asima went to school for only four years before her parents decided that she could do better use at home than in school. At the time, this was quite common in the village she grew up.  She was taught how to knit by her mother in an early age.  

Asima loves knitting and she mainly does it to fill up her free time, but also to meet up with friends that enjoy knitting as much as she does.  She also points out that she, of course, appreciates the extra money it brings in to the household. 


140 beanies 

Senada was taught how to knit by her mother as a child. She has five sister that also are devoted knitters. 

She is a skilled knitter and has knitted many different styles and patterns during the years as well as numerous clothes to herself.  

Senada loves knitting and finds it to be a perfect way of earning some extra money. 


174 beanies 

Semija learnt how to knit when she was 10 years old. She says that it was more or less mandatory to learn how to knit when she was a child. She giggles and says that it would have been nearly impossible to find a husband when she was young if you were unable to knit.

The main reason why she knits is to earn extra money. She has a strong work ethic and is of the opinion - if you can work and earn money you should! 


75 beanies

Devlija learnt how to knit when she was seven years old.  She is very skilled in all types of needle work,  she even know how to to weave rugs. When her daughters were little girls she knitted almost all their clothes.

Devlija started to knit for a living when she lost her job. As she loves to knit she thought it was the perfect way to occupy herself and earn money. Knitting for her is truly to combine business with pleasure! 


179 beanies

Besima learnt to knit as a child and she has been knitting and doing needle work since then. 

Knitting keeps her busy on her free time, but more than anything, she does it for the social reason. To meet up with and chat with other women in the same  situation.  She also appreciate the extra money she earns from knitting. It gives the household a more stable economy as well as making her more independent. 

Her family supports her in her knitting work. She even taught her husband how to knit when he was unemployed for a while so he could gain some additional income to the family. 


130 beanies 

Suada's grandmother lived with her family when she was a child and it was her grandmother who taught her to knit in an early age. 

As a child she loved to knit clothes to her dolls.  She learnt how to knit different patterns and styles by observing how the older family members did.  

Her family has a long history of knitting. Her grandfather was well know in the area for his hand knitted socks.  It was her grandmother who spun the yarn and the grandfather who did the knitting which was very unusual at the time as it was usually the women in the family who did the knitting. 


170 beanies 

Fahira learnt how to knit when she was 10 years old.  It was her sister and mother who taught her. She loved knitting clothes for her dolls when she was a child. When she became older she started to knit clothes for herself instead.  

She has four sister who all are skilled and keen knitters, but she is the one who master the most advanced knitting patterns and styles.   

Fahira knits to earn som extra money, but more importantly to her is the friends she has gained through the knitting.  She is always looking forward to the occasions when she meets up with the other knitting ladies. 


Our final touch star!

Mujesira learnt how to knit and sew from her mother when she was 10 years old.  She observed her mother when she was knitting and doing needlework and copied her.  Her mother was always happy to assist when needed, which made her improve her skills fast.  

She really enjoys having knitting and sewing as a  profession as it is one of her passions in life. Having this job allows her to further expand her knowledge in the area, which she finds positive. Additionally, she develops more financial independence by doing this and that is of course very nice. 

Mujesira is responsible for sewing on all the buttons on the beanies and to make slight amendments  if needed.