Our beanies are hand knitted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company we work with aims to give women, especially women in need, a financial stability by providing them with creative work and make use of traditional skills and knowledge. 

We are very pleased and proud of this cooperation as we find it to be a great way for these women to build their independence through something they enjoy doing. 

Additionally, this cooperation made it possible for us to have the production within Europe, which was one of the essential things in our objectives for Kally X Birger.

The yarn we have selected for our  beanies is 100% baby alpaca. This is one of the softest yarn you can find on the market. The term ‘baby’ covers the fact that the wool is from the first shearing of an alpaca, which normally takes place when the alpaca is around one year old. 

The baby alpaca wool is considered to be extra luxurious and extremely high in quality because of the diameter of the fiber, which is smaller and closer to cashmere in the first shearing years of the alpaca. The fleece is also softer and less likely to itch as it has no lanolin in it and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin. 

The beautiful elasticity of the yarn also helps the hat to keep its shape. Most importantly the alpaca yarn is the environmentally friendly option, and supports that not everything has to be made from artificial materials. Alpaca yarn not only feels good next to your skin, but it is also prized for its fineness, silkiness, softness and durability (it has a longer shelf-life than merino wool and any other fibres).