Kally & Birger was initially founded by Malin in 2007. She struggled to find a beanie that she thought was both warm and stylish. Hence, she simply designed and knitted her own. At first Malin was doing this on her free time, but it rather quickly  turned in to a good business and the beanies were sold in a number of shops in Stockholm.  

The company came to a critical point at 2018 and it was time to decide to close down or expand the business. Malin discussed the matter with her dear friend Ia  who was of the strong opinon to continue! They put together a business  plan and that became the  starting point for the new Kally X Birger. "If you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go together"

Our mission became to design a hand knitted stylish and timeless beanie with a effortless feeling made out of organic, recyclable soft yarn with a truly sustainable production line from start to finish.

Malin & Ia