Does your beanie itch?

-Baby alpaca wool is one the softest yarn you can find on the market and does not contain lanolin. The lack of lanolin is the reason alpaca wool is considered hypoallergenic.  For this reason it is suitable to people with sensitive skin and is unlikely to itch. 

Can I wash the beanie?

-One of the super powers of alpaca wool  is that it is naturally water, odor and dirt resistant. Due to this, it should be enough put the beanie out to air to fresh it up. If you, however, wish to wash it you may do so, but please follow our care guide instructions carefully. 

How does it work if I want to make a return ?

-It is possible to return your item within 14 days of the delivery date. If you would like to return your beanie please send an email to [email protected] specifying the reason for your return.  You as a customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for the return. Please also note that you are responsible for the item until we have received it. For this reason, we recommend you to use a carrier that provides tracking of parcels.

How are the beanies made?

- Our beanies are hand knitted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company we work with aims to give women, especially women in need, a financial stability by providing them with creative work and make use of traditional skills and knowledge. We are very pleased to have accomplished this collaboration.  Especially as we have a very good work relation with them.  For this reason we know for sure that they live up to the high standards we require both in terms of work conditions and the quality of the final product. 

Free shipping?

- We offer free shipping world wide. 

Can I find your beanies in any other shop?

- You can only buy our beanies in our webshop for the moment.  

Where does the yarn come from?

- Our yarn comes from Peru. 

Why did you select Baby Alpaca wool for your beanies?

- The Baby Alpaca wool is known as the softest and most prestigious fiber in the world because it has a winner combination of the softness of cashmere, the shininess of mohair, the silkiness of angora and the strength of merino wool. Alpaca is also an ecologically sustainable option, as no chemicals are used to process the material and very little water and dye is needed. Since it is a natural fiber, it is of course completely biodegradable. The fibers are softer than cashmere and lighter, warmer, and more durable than merino wool.  It makes sense that this fantastic animal has been cherished for more than 7000 years.  All these facts probably speaks for itself why we chose the Baby Alpaca yarn for our beanies - only the best is good enough for us!  


- Sheep's wool has a naturally occurring oil called lanolin, which some unlucky people have an allergy to. While most yarns are treated to remove most of the lanolin, those with allergies have a super sensitivity to the oil. Alpacas, however, do not produce any lanolin! The fibres have a unique construction and a natural waterproofing that means they do not need to produce the oil at all. 

The buttons on the beanies are of course nickel free. 

Will start selling scarves as well?

-Our focus for now is headwear. If we find a high demand for scarves we will of course consider expanding our product line.